4320 LA – V Australia taps into the Obsessive Lifestreaming Disorder trend

The first campaign that brings ‘Obsessive Lifestreaming Disorder’ to life. I wrote about it here in Feb, and now airline V Australia have created a cool little little campaign called 4320LA whereby they follow 3 mates on their trip from Sydney to LA.

4320LA  4,320 tweets in 3 days to promote V Australia's Syd-LA route

4320LA 4,320 tweets in 3 days to promote V Australia's Syd-LA route

They spend 3 days in LA tearing up the town, equating to  4,320 minutes, and their task is to ‘tweet’ every minute of that experience.   The end prize is some Virgin Atlantic tix. The thing I like about this idea is that it taps into Generation C’s need for REAL TIME content and DISCOVERY. It’s real, authentic, and most 20 somethings will probably be interested in a little crazy Tinseltown adventure. Apologies to Matt for prematurely bagging him out, the tweets have gotten better man 😉   It’s one of the better campaigns that uses twitter as a delivery platform.  Despite the fact that fuck all Under 25’s in Australia  use twitter, it doesn’t matter,  youth will follow it on their website where the real interaction and brand narrative is. V Australia has started an interesting conversation with 20 somethings who are their primary target for this campaign. Nice work boys from Droga…Fabs, Nick and Sudeep, take a bow,


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