#Allundefeated in 2013: adidas celebrates All Blacks undefeated season with topical social content






Proud to say I drove this idea with my Regional Creative Director partner in Singapore, Grant Hunter 🙂 Idea cracked late on a Thursday, presented to client on a Friday and live late Sunday evening. Awesome effort by our team and the great folk at adidas and the NZRU for championing this piece of social content.

adidas has been a key partner to the world’s greatest team, the New Zealand All Blacks for over 15 years. The 2013 season has been an epic one with the team sweeping all before them, winning 13 games in a row. After the 13th win against England it became a reality that the team could go undefeated if they were to beat Ireland the following Saturday in Dublin. Knowing there would be massive social buzz if the AB’s did beat Ireland, we asked ourselves the question, ‘How could adidas help celebrate the All Blacks first undefeated season in the professional era tapping into the live conversation around the victory’. This was the perfect op to be a partner, not just a sponsor.


 To celebrate the 14 wins, we decided to change the www.allblacks.com URL to wwwwwwwwwwwwww.allblacks.com – with each ‘W’ signifying an All Blacks win. We created both a Facebook timeline cover and social content for the All Blacks Facebook (2.1m fans) and adidas Rugby Facebook (148k fans) pages.   Within minutes of the victory against Ireland on November 23rd,  the new URL was posted on Facebook, Twitter and as a major news story on the All Blacks website generating high levels of engagement and brand love for adidas. 


The idea massively tapped into the international buzz around the All Blacks 14th win. Within 24 hours of posting the idea reached well over 2.2m fans online. We had over 19k visits to the website, over 8k likes and 1,100 shares on the All Blacks and adidas rugby Facebook pages with active social engagement reaching another 180,000 people.  The idea was also retweeted almost 900 times on the All Blacks and adidas UK Twitter pages reaching another 100k people. Zero media spend and an example of creating relevant social content that rode the wave of a topical event, in this case a victory to be proud of. 

Interesting Stats:

– 90% engagement in first 12 hours of posting
-Reached over 2.3m fans in a single day
-Most shared branded content on the All Blacks Facebook page
-Most retweeted brand tweet on @allblacks Twitter page
-Facebook Engagement rate of 14%

Digital platform overview: Facebook = ‘Who I am’ VS Instagram = ‘How I see the world’


There are many points of view online on the different roles of social platforms to consider when developing your social strategy. Clearly there also hundreds of different social & digital platforms, but I thought i’d share a snapshot on consumer uses of some of the main ones, plus mobile & search. Here’s a quick visual to give you a perspective on some of the consumer uses of the major digital platforms, hopefully helping you define how you’d like to use those social platform to create a meaningful relationship with consumers. This was created/built off some work my great colleagues at Iris NYC (thanks Esty :). The key takeout is to ensure you understand different consumer drivers for use of those channels and employ KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) when engaging in these channels. eg: Facebook is primarily about identity creation for the individual (sharing their life, engaging in conversations which build their real and digital identity) whereas Instagram is really about self expression. Different motivations, different brand uses.

Christchurch Reimagined campaign – ‘Bob Thinks Big’ #chch


Really proud to see the launch of our Christchurch Reimagined campaign to get Australians travelling back to Christchurch, NZ, post Earthquake

Check out the 3 episodes of Mayor Bob Parker making a shout out to his Aussie cousins.


Nice to see Channel 7 news in Australia pick up the story as well.

This is supported by our ‘Discovery Stream’, click here to check it out.  In a bid to get them back to the city, Christchurch needed to replace the images of devastation, with images of the beautiful, ever-evolving city that it now is. The Discovery Stream provides Christchurch with an ongoing digital platform that crowd-sources and broadcasts the city’s tourism experience in real-time. Using #ChCh tagged uploads from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it provides potential tourists with a window into the city.


Coke launches ARG around secret recipe

Coke has just launched an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) based around its secret recipe and a dude called Dr Pemberton (who apparently invented Coke). It’s quite cryptic and weird but I’m sure  if they seed it correctly with their massive Facebook fan pages, it will get traction, big time.

They’ve seeded a video on YouTube embedded with hidden clues and links to a Twitter page, FTP vault accounts, Facebook App Pages, Live video Feeds, Random Microsites, more Microsites and a YouTube video.

Seems like a big departure from their ‘happiness’ positioning, but for me brands that have mythology around them like Coke, should celebrate it.  I think this is an interesting way to start conversations on social platforms for Coke’s fanatics who always have wondered about Cokes recipe…maybe?? Having said that, it feels about like Levi’s ‘Go Forth’ where they’re tapping into the whole 1800’s Civil War thing. Am gonna follow it and see how it evolves. Good on Coke for having some interesting initatives out in the market, combined with Expedition 206, they are experimenting with pop culture.

MC Hammer and his 4 rules of social media

I didn’t go to the Sydney Social Media Club function last night where MC Hammer was talking about social media. I can’t say whether it was insightful enough so I recruited Di Chua, an amazing up and coming Social Media Strategist at DDB Radar to write a guest post for me. Helps she’s also a huuuuge Hammertime Fan. Take it away Di…. 🙂

mc hammer

Di Chua and Clare Anderson with MC Hammer at Sydney Social Media Club

It was a packed house at UTS for the Social Media Club lecture where MC Hammer spoke about his social media experiences. He’s the 14th most influential Twitterer (according to WeFollow) with more than 1.5 million followers. I love MC Hammer and know all his dance steps… So while there were “intellectuals” in the room, I was just dying to scream “I LOVE YOUUuuu!”

Amazingly, he’s more than just a rap star, he actually knows his sh*t.  I have much respect for this guy because he’s in the fireline. I’m in the trenches myself (listening, planning conversational campaigns and managing communities) and it’s really not as easy as it seems. So BOO to all you Hammer haters out there… Do it first, and then judge!

 MC Hammer’s 4 rules for Brands in Social Media:

1)      “Never let someone else tell your story”

– Ties in with authenticity and transparency

– connecting with people humanises your brand

2)      “Be at the center of the flow of information”

– be a “super geek”- you have to touch it, feel it, experience it. He has loads of  smart phones and screens

 – listen and monitor conversations (he even has a screen in his bathroom!)

3) “Perception is more valuable than reality”

– So make sure you manage it

– stay ahead of the story through Rule #2

 4) “If you’re not connected, what are you hiding from as a brand? “

– Don’t run, Engage!

– again transparency is key, people will be suspicious if you’re not open

And finally, he said one must establish a culture in your community. So if someone is being negative and not adding value to your experience then block them. “If you negative, I block you!

The question of the night-

Warlach: Dear MC Hammer, can you give me any advice as to what I can and can’t touch?

Mc Hammer:  “What you can’t you touch? The concept of Hammertime!”

Some interesting learnings here from MC Hammer, although they have to be couched by the fact that often with celebrities they have ‘follow factor’ built in to their handles by virtue of who they are. So applying the same principals to a brand trying to leverage social media needs to be taken with a grain of salt somewhat in my view.

The Social Media Revolution

This is a well put together video by the guys at Socialnomics basically showing the explosion of social media usage. One stat that blew me away was that if Facebook was a country, it would be the world’s 4th largest in terms of population…scary. I’m still in Gareth kay’s (from Goodby’s) corner, as i believe the way brands can leverage this new form of particpative consumer behaviour is by creating ‘social ideas’ youth want to be part.  This video ends with some good tips around companies needing to act like ‘party planners’ ‘aggregators’ and ‘content providers’ in order to engage people in this space. It all comes down to the era of PARTICIPATION.

Iranian youth uprising via social media… GREEN REVOLUTION

Brands can learn alot from about sparking movements from political uprisings. One is going on right now in Iran post the dodgy elections over there as hundreds of thousands of Iranian youth hit the streets in protest, powered by the interconnectivity of Facebook and Twitter. Irans draconian internet filtering is no match for the 33% of Iranians between the ages of 15 and 29 who are interconnected and politicised by virtual social networks. It’s been nicknamed the ‘Green Revolution’ as Hussein Mousavi’s ( opposition leader) supporters have adopted the colour green for their movement ( a strong Islamic colour).

The mobilising power of Facebook and Twitter, combined with the face to face solidarity of the gatherings and protests is creating a frenzy of conversations and actions in Iran seeking a recount of the votes. In the wake of the contested election the Iranian state has harnessed every last iota of its coercive power to disrupt communications and prevent organised protests. Iran has more blogs per capita than any other country so it will be interesting to see what happens when the Iranian government ‘turns off’ the internet and shuts down the mobile phone towers. Apparently Moussavi is now encouraging youth to ‘connect’ via landlines, one public utility the government won’t shut down. It is yet to be seen if this youth uprising will  work in achieving their goal.

The key things brands can learn

Iranian youth using twitter and Facebook to mobilise...the  'Green Revolution'

Iranian youth using twitter and Facebook to mobilise...the 'Green Revolution'

 for this type of uprising led by digital media, is that youth mobilise around the promise of CHANGE, just like American youth mobilised in huge numbers around Obama in 2008. Show how you can  change the status quo and people will follow you.

Melbourne ‘Shuffle’ infiltrating Sydney youth culture

I’m a Sydney boy but I have to say that every time I visit Melbourne I see new and interesting reference points for youth culture. The Melbourne Shuffle is a style of street dancing been around since the 80s in underground subcultures, but has picked up in the past 2-3 years. This youtube click has almost 8million views, pretty cool for a style of dance that 90% of Aussies have never heard of. Co-incidentally a digital strategist Mark Pollard twittered about seeing ‘shufflers’ in Sydney and I ended up seeing the same crew on Sunday afternoon down near Darling Harbour. I’m surprised no streetwear brand has aligned itself with the ‘shuffle’ dance style, could be a good opportunity for real youth traction.