Youth Influencer Interview #3: Didier the Industrie Ambassador




Didier Cohen the face of Industrie and Miranda hot right now

Didier Cohen the face of Industrie and Miranda hot right now

Next up in my interview series, a change of pace. Got in touch with the super cool Didier Cohen, who has become a bit of a hearthrob in Australia as the face of Industrie clothing.  He was recently in a campaign with Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr. He’s not only a cool dude, but like the guys at Post Modern Ink is a posterboy for how body art is becoming super aspirational. Years ago, you’d never see a model with loads of ink, now it’s his calling card. Here’s his take on Sydney youth culture vs LA youth culture and some tips on what will be the next big fashion brand.

Tell us how you got to be the face of Industrie?

Ahhh well they came to the states on a casting trip to find a model for the new campaign. When they came to LA, they asked to see me at Wilhelmina and we just clicked. Was supposed to be a one off job and now its turned into something really fantastic..


What’s your life mantra?

 Ha thats an easy one. Always keep going no matter what. Whatever it is in live you gotta just keep striving and working hard and i promise you, nothing and no one can stop you…


The BEST and WORST thing about doing what you do?

 Ahh the best thing about what I do was definitely coming to Sydney. I mean if it wasn’t for my career i would have never came over here and met all the wonderful people who I consider family now.. Sydney is my second home. The WORST thing about what I do has to be the stereotyping. I mean people just think they know the type of person I am because they see me in advertisements and they think all models are full of themselves,air heads, ect. Im not going to lie, a lot of them  are, but to base an over all opinion strictly on stereotypes is not right.. 


You sport some serious ink, what does body art mean to you?

To me, my body art is a symbol of my life. My biggest pet peeves are people who just get tattoo’s to look cool and there is no meaning to them at all. It should have a deep meaning, something that will be a positive, constant reminder to you through you whole life..


How is Australian youth culture different to what you’ve experienced travelling overseas?

Well I was born and raised in LA, so based on that, they are very different to me. The reason i’m so attracted to to Sydney culture is that its so much more genuine and real. LA cant get pretty plastic and fake. People in Sydney have such a better idea of what life is all about and just are happy and positive. LA is a lot of bullshit filled with people who are not in touch with real values and reality. Dont get me wrong I LOVE LA and you can find genuine people, but the overall youth culture of the place is a bit out there…


How would you describe Australian youth culture in a word? 

 One word? Hmmmm, Refreshing… Everytime i get off that Qantas flight and meet up with my mates its soo refreshing to me. My mates remind me about real values and what matters most in life..


What styles/designers do you think are going to be big for the rest of 09?

 Well in Sydney, Industrie is killing it right now. Haha Im not just saying that because I’m their ambassador. They are really stepping their game up to put some real stylish pieces out. Also there’s these two cats out of Bondi  i met through my boy Tenzin. Their line Pete Versus Toby is banana’s. Love their clothes and cant wait to come back so they can get me looking right. They have this crazy red leather hooded jacket, ahhh man, nuts…