Hot Hatch Tribes – looking into the Mini Cooper, GTI and Subaru WRX drivers

A while ago I did some research into the HOT HATCH market. I looked at understanding all the tribes associated to the different brands, eg: Mini Cooper, VW GTI/R32, Subaru WRX, Civic Type R, Volvo C32, Mazda MPS. It’s amazing the different mindsets that fall out of this super popular car category amongst Gen Y’ers, from the Subaru WRX ‘Boy Racer’ tribe to the Mini Cooper ‘Fun Fashionista’ tribe.  I also looked into the semiotic codes of advertising in the hot hatch sector – essentially they are all marketed as ‘creatures of the night’, as brooding menacing beasts that transform their drivers, bringing out their devilish side if you will. This is all based off qual interviews I did as well as my own observations of who drives these cars in Australia.