Social shopping via Diesel ‘like’ instore integration

Diesel is bringing Facebook’s ‘Like’ button into its retail environment so that customers can ‘like’ any item they see on the shelves. All they need to do is go into the store, scan the QR code displayed next to the item with their smartphone, and be taken directly to a product page where they can ‘like’ the item. The item, and the fact they are shopping at Diesel, is automatically displayed on their Facebook wall. Simple example of how digital social shopping is being integrated into the retail experience.

Levi’s – great new social online shopping experience

Levi’s have just created a great ‘social’ shopping experience, tapping into Facebook’s new ‘like feature’.  They’ve integrated the new “like” feature with every product on the site so you can check out other Facebook peeps and who ‘likes’ what. Tapping into the tribal element, it even pulls in pics of your friends who’ve “liked” the item.

No doubt other retailers will follow suit, but nice to see Levi’s innovating in this space as they are an iconic brand that previously had failed to innovate from a product point of view.