Generation C thrive on Social Expression

I was recently quoted as part of a Myspace survey done on how different generations interact with social media.  The press coverage  was  here and here

This is the article which ran in The Age on the 26th June 2010

BABY boomers are better online networkers than their Generation X counterparts, a poll of Australian MySpace users has revealed.

Often thought to be flailing in a world of 21st-century networking, Baby Boomers, aged 46 to 64, boast more online friends than the average Gen X (31 to 45), the survey of about 1½ million people revealed.

The results were formulated using self-expressed data taken from the MySpace accounts of users across the country. But it comes as no surprise to youth strategist Dan Pankraz, who says it reflects a broader cultural trend that he terms ”the rise and rise of Generation C or The Connected Collective”.

// ”Unlike Gen Y (14 to 30) or Gen X, Generation C are not an age cohort but a collective mindset of digital natives,” Mr Pankraz said in a statement.

”Gen C-ers of all ages, whether they are 14 or 41, share a need for social expression, and social media has turbo-charged their ability to express themselves in real time.”


Diesel Cam – youth want SOCIAL EXPRESSION

Great idea from Diesel in Spain, Diesel Cam taps into young people’s need for SOCIAL EXPRESSION – wanting to express themselves within their social circles. So now, young people’s need for self expression  within the tribe has been turbo charged, as now  the ‘swarm’ of friends approves or ‘likes’ what you’re wearing/buying etc in real time as opposed to at the next party or meet up. Peer influence or purchase decision has always been huge amongst youth, it’s now going to stratospheric levels and brands which understand youths need for their constant validation within the tribe are the brands which will win.  Just goes to show that in 2010 and beyond, youth marketers really are trying to engage with the WE more than the ME.