6th Sense Wearable technology- the future of social interaction

This is amazing. 6th Sense wearable technology was introduced to the world at TED in Early 09 and will completely revolutionise how we all interact with information around us. It’s from MIT’s Media Lab of course. This first brand to bring this technology to Australia will own the market. Think Minority Report but in the real world. It’s technology which allows you to seamlessly interact with all the information you come across via your hands and simple gestures. And it will be available for $350 US. This technology will be the must have technology for youth over the next 5 years. Youth will upload their images and videos to all the social media platforms and be able to share their creativity with the friends in real time. It also will completely revolutionise how young people interact with products at shelf, being able to access the ‘backstory’ to any product or thing in real time to help their decision making. If I was Sony, Nokia, Samsung etc, I’d be shitting myself. This technology is amazing.