Smarties 8 Colours of Fun – a collaboration between kids and artists

Smarties have really cracked how to do progressive ideas which engage both kids and adults. The  8 Colours of Fun idea is a collaboration between 8 kids and 8 artists, using the 8 Smarties colours as inspiration for creativity.

I always talk about a key part of Generation C as being their need for ‘collaboration’ and ‘creativity’ – well the team at Smarties have nailed both these dimensions of todays kids. It’s equally relevant for teens.

The 8 episodes are  based around 8 little collaraborative projects. Project Blue, Project Orange, Project Purple, Project Pink , Project Yellow, Project Brown, Project Red.

It’s a simple yet highly engaging content driven idea. Well done Nestle, JWT and TCO for pulling off a cool idea and reminding me why I love Smarties. It’s executed well across a branded youtube channel and website and they were smart to deliver all the content at once rather than drip feed it – which apparently was a key learning the guys at TCO came across when distributing content online.

Project Blue is my favourite – this kid is a classic.