The 10 Rules a ‘Pouting Princess’ lives by

My friend Ju Ju help put this together. The essential list PP’s live by

1) It’s not about what you know, but who you know.
2) Make sure you only befriend good looking people
3) Hold your opinions lightly – try not to jar with the common consensus of the click
4) Participate in Facebook (heavily), upload at least 10 pics a week – it improves your ego stroking skills
5) Preach perfection and financial success – the global recession is just a matter of attitude
6) If there’s No door list, it’s not an option
7) Always Appear to have money
8) Education is not of the academic kind, but rather the label kind.
9) Bikinis and heels are the new summer dress code
10) Keep a balanced lifestyle – a coke bender on Friday night, Bikram Yoga and herbal tea on Saturday