Aussie kids go to World Cup 2010 as Player Escorts thanks to Macca’s

This is the TVC from the little Player Escort program we recently created for Macca’s. Basically 11 Aussie kids around Australia were selected for being ‘good sports’. Their prize, a trip to South Africa to walk on the pitch with the Socceroos for their 2nd match against Ghana as official Player Escorts (you know, those cute kids who hold the players hands as the go onto the field).

As part of the entry mechanic to select the winning kid, theys had to create a comic stickerbook  telling a story of how they were a ‘good sport. They had to create their avatar and put together a simple story.

Stickerbook competition

The campaign’s gone gangbusters, we got over 1200 great entries from kids all over Australia and loads of press coverage.

Here’s a few of the winning stickerbook entries the kids created online..remember these kids were aged 4-8.

Sebastians stickerbook entry

Aidan's winning stickerbook entry

We had a great media integration with Channel 9 as one of the competition winners, Harry got to be a junior reporter on the Today program and interview Graham Arnold before the Socceroos left for Germany in late May. Harry’s interview here.

Here are some pics of the kids leaving Sydney Airport this morning en route to Jo’burg.

Aussie player escorts getting ready to leave Sydney for South Africa