Nike Chosen Crew Video Contest

A nice little comp for the action sports tribe from Nike to get ‘you and your crew’ to send in a video showing your skating,surfing, BMX’ing,  riding etc prowess – all with the hope of winning some dosh, product and rolling with  the Nike athletes for a while. Campaign lives here  It’s an obvious campaign extension off the ‘Chosen’ platform but I was expecting something a little more innovative and interactive from the guys at Nike. Looking forward to seeing the entries though.

Nike 6.0 ‘Chosen’ surf premiere

Just came across this cool video which I believe premieres tonight in the NBA finals to launch, ‘Chosen’ the new surf doco for Nike’s official entry into the world of surf culture through their Nike 6.0 action sports brand. Fan the page and get access to the premiere. Will be interesting to see how Nike goes about entering surf culture so late in the game with such tribal brand following. Their first attempt at entering skateboard culture was a flop, it wasn’t until they created authentic associations with retailers and designers that they earned their cred. Am sure they’ve learnt their lesson. Eager to see how they go.

Nike 6.0 ‘The Pool’ unleashing BMX culture

Loving this initative from Nike 6.0 to turn an old pool in East London into a massive indoor BMX expression park. They ran a comp with 40 of the world’s best riders and now the ‘The Pool’ is open to the public until June 12.  Awesome experiential event based idea. Well done Nike 6.0

Nike 6.0 iDNation taking customised creativity to new heights

My favourite brand Nike 6.0 are at it again. They’re launching iD Nation which is basically an update to Nike ID, where you can take your creativity to the next level in customising your shoes. Another amazing example of social marketing.

iDNation is a community for creative individuals to get inspired, customize, and make some fans. They’re just about to launch the Style Lab which will be a lab for the iDNation community to be inspired by everyone’s designs.

Absolutely love this utility,  I’m not a total sneaker freak, but I do have two pairs of customised Nike’s and being able to create my designs online whilst being inspired by others online as well as getting kudos from other sneaker heads, is damn cool. Will be interesting to see which subculture picks this up, the skaters, surfers, riders..or all of the above… will be watching this space.

Well done Nike.

Attention youth brands : The Bigger you get, the Smaller you should act

I’ve got this theory that when it comes to youth brands in particular –  the bigger a brand gets, the smaller it should act. In todays highly networked world where any space between the brand and a person can be considered media, brands need to focus on intimate gestures, over big grandiose statements. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much believe in the power of a big idea, but i think now more than ever brand storytelling is about lots of small stories which ladder up to mean something bigger. I also think acting small allows you to be remixed and edited by youth more easily and we all know if young people are part of the brands story, they’re far more likely to share it.

As marketers we need to think about how we’re CREATING TIME for people to engage with our brands as opposed to buying time and placements which people by in large ignore. Creating ideas people want to spend time with, ideas which fundamentally make their conversations more interesting or deliver genuine utility are the ideas which are winning with youth. Nike ‘The Chance’  and Nike + platforms are perfect example of the brand creating time for people.

 For me personally, brands like Bathing Ape, WESC, Nike 6.0, Red Bull get me because they regularly make intimate gestures towards me and give me something to talk about. So as a youth marketer I’m focusing on intimate gestures over grandiose statements.