adidas supersounds: music meets rugby

Just in time for todays 2012 Super Rugby kicks off, we’ve just launched our latest campaign for Adidas’ sponsorship of the five Kiwi franchises.

In 2012, Super Rugby in New Zealand is ALL SUPERCHARGED.

We’re launching a nice little idea called SUPERSOUNDS to kick things off (pardon the pun 🙂

It’s based on the insight that music plays a big role in getting the players supercharged for their games.

Ever wondered what some of rugby’s best players listen to on their playlist to get themselves supercharged before a game?

Well, we found out. Over  5 weeks, we’re bringing Israel Dagg (Crusaders), Ali Williams (Blues), Jimmy Cowan (Highlanders), Victor Vito (Hurricanes), Richard Kahui (Chiefs) pregame playlists to life.

If you’re in NZ you can download the tracks for free, otherwise you can just stream them live.

Check out the site here

Youth marketing is all about creating CULTURAL CAPITAL

I’ve been kicking around this idea for a while now. We all know that the key to youth marketing is to get youth talking to each other about your brand. Well, i think it has to go one step further, brands need to give youth ‘cultural capital’. It’s beyond just ‘stuff to talk about’, it’s far more about the CONTEXT of that conversation as to whether youth really swarm around your idea. One of the most fundamental youth needs is that of ‘belonging’, however now with web 2.0 and the new speed of which cool diffuses into popular culture, ‘being in the know’ is extremely important for youth. Being the first to discover something and being able to give your friends that info, gives you cultural capital and relevance within your tribe. You just have to look at how competitive youth are now on social networks, it’s almost a competition as to who is going to the best part, is going on the best holiday etc. Not being a part of that, sometimes means you’re an outcast within your tribe. So, marketers need to think about what cultural capital they are providing youth which gives them social status within their tribe. Start with the evergreen 6 key pillars of youth culture; MUSIC, GAMING, FASHION, TRAVEL, SPORT, ENTERTAINMENT and how you can create utility within these areas..or better yet, create new cultural phenom that gives youth cultural capital…Easy….

The 38 Hour Day

Gen C have grown up with content overload, they stream and synthesize thousands of messages everyday. Youtube has become the new TV, they don’t want appointment to view, everything has to be on their own terms. They’re the ultimate multi-taskers, compressing 38hrs of activity into a single day, living in a state of continuous partial attention (Synovate Research, Australia). At any one time when a teen is sitting in his bedroom he has the following going on: watching Entourage, listening to satellite radio, taking a call on his Iphone, receiving a few texts, updating his Facebook profile, downloading a rip of ‘Watchmen’ from youtorrent, downloading music from Limewire, watching a favourite Youtube clip, getting ready to log onto World of Warcraft MMORPG and probably checking out a porn site.