ToyToyota – Backseat driver app brings kids into driving experience

Great little piece of app innovation from ToyToyota, an innovation division within Toyota which is about connecting kids and parents in the driving experience. I love the Backseat driver app. After spending the better half of my childhood whingeing to may parents with the all too familiar statement ‘Are we there yet?’. This is a great piece of entertainment and utility to integrate the child into the driving experience, all in real time. Like the best apps, it’s super simple, and is has both a high entertainment value and utility value for both the kid and parent.

Red Bull goes Mobile at German Grandprix


Over the weekend at the German F1 Grandprix Red Bull changed the livery of its F1 cars to carry branding for Red Bull MOBILE.

Red Bull launched the service in 2008 with Austrian mobile communications outfit mobilkom austria. More than just a mobile service provider, Red Bull MOBILE lets its users into a whole world of Red Bull via their phones – with the emphasis on multimedia services and television content from Red Bull.

Not only that, but Red Bull MOBILE has also brought out a range of phones each of which come with software installed that helps you upload pictures and videos to the Red Bull MOBILE community. It’s only available as a service in Austria – at the moment – however if their magazine (The Red Bulletin) is a reliable example they’ll be expanding the service once they’ve got it right in their own backyard..

You can check it out here:

The Technology Umbilical Chord – How 16yr old girls use technology

I got a 16yr old girl from a nearby school to talk me through how she uses technology on a daily basis…She seriously has an umbilical chord to her friends, she cant breathe without constant contact and it’s scary how savvy she is… Enjoy

MY DAY…by Emma, 16
Ahhh early morning wake up my mobile alarm woke me up, I hate that stupid default tone, I’ve got 15mins to get to the train station. Heading out the door I put my ipod in and select the ‘on the run’ playlist, it gets me moving quickly! Damn ipods out of battery, plug my headphones into my hiptop i’ve got about 70 songs on it, should be enough to get me to school. Just in time for the train, oh my god there’s that boy i’ve got to text Sarah and tell her all about it. Train trips are so boring, sign into msn on my hiptop and see who’s online. No one worth talking to is online so i’m going to check out my myspace, yay 🙂 3 new comments! Just got off the train hhahaha the funniest poster in the tunnel, take a photo with my hiptop and send it to my mates. Damn at school got to hand in all electronics. They make me, the other kids can keep theirs 😦

Finished school, Finally!
Put in my ipod and run to get the early train. On the train I call Lee and find out how the auditions went, then get on my hiptop and use my phone internet to finish off my homework. At I home I get on the computer and download a list of songs from limewire and itunes. I check my email, myspace, facebook, bebo and sign into msn and yahoo messenger. I use my webcam to chat to my cousin overseas and put my itunes on and turn vol up to 100%. Before i go to bed i put dates into my hiptop calendar and set my phone alarm for 6am. Over and out.