Share a little ‘Love’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Courage’ on McHappy Day

mcahppy day

Be a part of McHappy Day this year

I typically don’t promote my own work, cos that’s just not cool, but this is for a great cause. This is my first piece of work on McDonald’s and I’m proud to say it’s hopefully going to help lots of sick little kids in Australia stay close to their families during treatment for things like cancer. It’s for McHappy Day 2009. Our thought that was that by participating in McHappy Day, you’re doing more than just sending money for a new house or hospital facilities, you’re actually sending a little ‘hope’ ‘love’ and courage’ to these little heroes, which is what they really need in these tough times.  When we were getting to know what McHappy Day was all about a few months back, we met Chelsea, who was staying at RMHC in Randwick, Sydney, she inspired us with a dance performance, just after she’d come out of radiation treatment. She got a bit of ‘love’ back at Beyonce’s Sydney concert a few weeks back. You’re a hero Chelsea.

 To support amazing little heroes like Chelsea,  donate online or visit a Macca’s on Nov 14th and buy a Big Mac where proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.   I’ve had some positive feedback on the music track for this spot, we composed the music here in Sydney and had it mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios in  London . The full-length track is available for download here. If you have a few spare $$$, please donate what you can online before McHappy Day as we’re doing all we can to raise a record $2.5million this year. Thanks for supporting 🙂

Youth Marketing Rule #3 Create multimedia experiences that fuse real and digital worlds

Gen C don’t distinguish between the real and virtual world, it’s all one experience, so brands need to create narratives where the brand story builds and evolves across different platforms. Blockbuster movies have been creating ARG’s (Alternate Reality Games) to hype films for the past 5 years (The Dark Knight was a killer ARG), and brands like Audie ‘Art of the Heist’ have been dabbling in the space. According to wiki, an alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants’ ideas or actions. The most famous ARG of 2008 was ‘The Lost Ring’ used to hype the Beijing Olympics and subtly sponsored by McDonalds. It was a truly global interactive experience to uncover a lost Olympic sport, with over 2million participants over its 6 month period. In the future, brands will need to create these multimedia experiences which engage Gen C across multiple channels and play to their need to compete and discover new cultural phenomenon.