Top 10 #RealTimeMarketing Moments from April Fools Day

Well we’ve had the best of in real time marketing from the SuperBowl,Valentines Day and Oscars; last week brands across the world were at it again on trying to generate cultural conversation around weird and wacky April Fools Day pranks. 

 Here are my top 10 real time marketing moments from around the world:

 1. Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

Google Maps goes into recruitment mode with the help of Pokemon to find Pokemon Masters around the world.

2. Headdit: a quirky new way to browse Reddit

3. Dominos Edibox: a world first in snacking innovation


(Disclaimer: our Iris London office did this one)Image

4. LELO Dextrus: World’s first vibrator that makes you smart

The left handed orgasm for lovemakers around the world.

 5. Virgin America & NEST’s ‘Total Temperature Control’ give passengers control over their seating temperatures onboard

Sir Richard shows us how to feel a Chicago polar vortex onboard.

 6. Rent out your desk on AirBrb: some fun from Airbnb

What could be better than earning money while you work?

 7. LEGO offered free shipping by Turtle for one day only on Twitter


8. King’s College Choir in London offered up helium as a solution to replacing high male voices

Nice to see a religious group getting in on the fun

 9. SONY launched #SONYPowerFood to power their products via a new voltaic enzyme

 Last but not least, even the French got in on the fun

10. AirFrance introduced inflight selfies via #SelfintheAir camera



Google Chrome & Lego collaborate for BUILD project #buildwithchrome

I had the pleasure and privilidge of helping give birth to this idea whilst at my previous job at Mark, Sydney.  We decided it would be an awesome idea to put together two of the most imaginative and creative companies in the world – Google and Lego – and bring Chrome users and Lego enthusiasts an awesome experience.

Introducing BUILD essentially bringing a 3D Lego world to the web browser it lets you build 3D Lego creations and place them on Google maps in Australia and New Zealand. After only a day of launch there are already thousands of ‘plots’ being taken up by builders, so here’s hoping this scales globally. A fantastic team effort by Hamish, Chris, Amy, Rebecca, Josh at Mark and the awesome clients at Google – Locky, Lucinda, Tom for believing in this great idea. I think Lego enthusiasts the world over are gonna be having some fun. Check out #buildwithchrome to see people’s creations