Sydney Youth: Interview #1 with Sally

SallyTHis is my first of a series of mini interviews with cool kids in Sydney. They could come from anywhere, any background, any job, they just have to have their finger on the pulse.
Meet Sally, a 21yr old fashionista living in Sydney’s East and working as a grad in the communications industry. She is the centre of her collective and is always one step ahead. Here’s a few thoughts on what makes her tick

What do you stand for?

Sally is someone who lives for adventure, is bored of the now and wants to be a part of the future. I am out there, loud and live for those poignant moments in time that make you stop and appreciate just how great life is.

Where are you heading?

Hopefully for success! This means taking step by step up the ladder, in relation to my job in advertising, love and travel, whereby improving every aspect of my life until I reach the top of the ladder and know that I am fully fulfilled. Know that I have pushed myself beyond my own expectations, taken risks and taken that one final step beyond the ladder!

Who are you influenced by?

Friends… They are my ROCK and ROCK my social calendar, thoughts, feelings and moods. They lift me up and carry me through the bad and good times.

Describe your tribe?

My tribe is my second family. They are constantly around me, influence me and always have something to say about anything going on in my life (whether I want to hear it or not).

What’s big in Sydney youth culture right now?

iPhone. It is the must have. It is the new accessory. A device that has transformed human behaviour, as humans have really become cyborgs. It not only makes life easier by navigating where I move, but chooses restaurants for me and translates languages. It is my touch point to anyone in the world, through Facebook and twitter. Youth have become reliant on the iPhone and instead of Descartes “ I think and therefore I am”, we now exist because we“ link and therefore I am”.

Your most loved brand and why?

Apple. It really gets me! I want the next… the newest. Their devices are always changing and apple teases me constantly with edgy, quirky and fresh advertising that puts them on a silver platter. So, so close that I can taste it and just have to indulge in the newest product to the market!

One thing brands should know about you?

I want brands that create my avatar…the image that represents me, which can be seen and judged by the people around me!