Generation E (Empowered) – @davidjoneshavas on the power of young leaders

My old boss,  good friend and inspirational leader David Jones, CEO of Havas/Euro RSCG Worldwide (@davidjoneshavas) talks about how technology, particularly the social revolution has ’empowered’ youth globally to get involved in changing the world – taking down regimes, building brands up etc. Lets call them Generation E as i think ’empowered’ sums up the power they now have due to their global connections.

82% of young people today believe they can change the world for the better, an amazing statistic and a nice counter to many peoples view that Gen Y and Millenials and completely self absorbed.

A generation that is incredibly smart, knowledgable, and above all responsible. This is a generation that will probably want to be remembered as how they left the world a better place, what they changed and the power of their social connections to influence & affect change.

The most interesting point in this video, I believe is this concept of leaders of today providing ‘mutual mentoring’ – where leaders are mentoring down as well as up. The most progressive companies, governments, organisations understand how influential Generation E can be.

One Young World – collaborative creativity to change the world

Global youth are now empowered like never before via the social web, but also probably because there’s so much crap going on in the world. Youth marketers like myself often talk about how we can use creativity to create conversations with youth and build our brands we work on. But the real challenge/opportunity is how we can use our creativity in collaboration with the leaders of tomorrow to create real global change. My old boss David Jones/ CEO of Havas has created One Young World – a brilliant initiative whereby 1500 Under 25yr olds are going to get together next February in London to come up with ideas on how they can influence the world positively for their generations and beyond.  Potential delegates can submit a video on the OYW  youtube channel as to what they would do to change the world. They’ve got some heavies like Kofi Anna and Bob Geldof behind it, so that will assist in making the idea very social in nature as the OYW tribe has these guys to inspire them. It’s brilliant, and I wish I was five years younger so I could go. This is Part 1 and 2 of Davids’ speech at Google Zeitgest where he speaks about what One Young World is all about.

He uses words like ‘collaborative creativity’ which I think are spot on and really capture how Generation C behave and want to interact with brands and each other in todays environment.