10 Shifts Youth Marketers need to know


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I put together a presentation the other day for an internal meeting which looked at 10 shifts in the way marketers look to engage young people through communication and media.  Many of these thoughts originate from great thinkers in the media space, namely Faris Yakob, Neil Perkin and Helge Tenno. I’ve just consolidated some of them and added a few others. The overarching theme here is the acknowledgement that ‘people are our most powerful media’ and ideas and strategies need to be far more social and have inherent share value in them to create brand engagement.

  1. ‘Me’ TO  ‘We’ culture where the power of brands lie  in their social exchange
  2. One Way Messages TO  Collaborative Creativity
  3. Individual insight TO Collective Intelligence
  4. Target Audiences TO Partners in Production
  5. Campaigns TO  Continuous Conversations
  6. Linear static ideas TO Agile and Evolving Narratives
  7. Interruption TO Utility
  8. Advertising To Culture Creation
  9. 360° to 6° thinking
  10. Channels TO Arenas

Thoughts welcome.

10 Social Media Principles from the IPA

Over in London, a handful of social media gurus have hooked up as part of the IPA and put together a list of principles brands need to think about when looking at social media.

I’m feeling validated that I somewhat know what I’m talking about, as 4 of the top 10 thoughts are things i’ve been talking alot about in regards to engaging with Gen C – specifically 1,3,5 & 6. 🙂  Here they are.

1. People not consumers – Mark Earls

2. Social agenda not business agenda – Le’Nise Brothers

3. Continuous conversation not campaigning – John V Willshire

4. Long term impacts not quick fixes – Faris Yakob

5. Marketing with people not to people – Katy Lindemann

6. Being authentic not persuasive – Neil Perkin

7. Perpetual beta – Jamie Coomber

8. Technology changes, people don’t – Amelia Torode

9. Change will never be this slow again – Graeme Wood

10. Measurement – Asi Sharabi

The Importance of Brand Harmony

Integration was the buzz word of marketing for much of the naughties, but most of the time brands get it wrong. Rather than brand communication being about the same message littered across different media, brands should think about how they create ‘harmony’ in their media mixes. Faris Yakob talks about transmedia narratives building across different touchpoints where consumers get involved to recombine the message. Harmony based comms is not too dissimilar. Just like an orchestra has many different components working together, all building to belt out one great tune that people take in. The same principal applies for modern day comms. It’s about creating harmony between all the touchpoints, so different messages in different media build to create one in tune message. Some times it needs a solo artist to drive the orchestra, same applies with marketing, sometimes you need a standout piece of content to kick the harmony off. In addition sometimes you need an ‘amplifier’ to really reach the your community, in brands’ case, this is about how you amplify your message and seed it out the the right communities who will share an amplify it. Anyway, just a different way of thinking about the tired old integration word…