Parrot Carrot Safari – combining education and interaction via AR

Great example of a early childhood learning and fun  interaction via a childrens book using technology to enhance the education experience. We all know kids love chasing things, and the Parrot Carrot Safari taps into that behaviour whilst also helping kids to learn along the way.

The Parrot Carrot Safari, is a cute little  digital amplification to a new Aussie kids book by an old colleague of mine, Jol Temple (well done mate !!). It’s an Augmented Reality iPhone app that lets kids interact and augment the books content

The Parrot Carrot Safari app lets kids find  animals which have been ‘let loose’ from the physical book through the binoculars of the Augmented Reality iPhone App. Kids can then search for the animals around their rooms trying to  catch and release all the virtual animals from the book. I think this is a great example of how education and technology can intersect to provide kids both a fun and interactive experience. I’m going to get my little nephew Hudson playing this next year once he’s old enough.