Youth Marketing Rule #1: Listen to your fans, then react.

The best youth brands keep their fingers on the pulse and listen to what their fans are saying about them in the digital space. Whether it be following blogs, creating profiles on social networking sites, you have to know what people are saying about you right now. Quarterly tracking studies are useless. In late 2008, EA Sports captivated its community by creating an ad which was in direct response to a youtube video created by a gamer. ‘Levinator 25’ claimed there was a ‘glitch’ in the Tiger Woods 09 Walk on Water video game. A week after the video was posted by Levinator highlighting the apparent glitch, EA came out with a video featuring Tiger Woods walking on water and hitting the ‘Jesus shot’, the ad ends by saying ‘It wasn’t a glitch, he’s just that good’ . The video has been viewed over 3 million times on youtube and the game has gone on to be a massive seller with no media budget. The ability to be flexible and adapt your message quickly is a key tenet of successful engagement.