Diesel Island..a new country for youth

Just came across this really interesting social engagement/community creation  idea by Diesel.

They’ve created Diesel Island. Home of the stupid, land of the brave. It’s a fictitious place  digital country whereby they are seeking out people to become ‘pioneers’ of this new country, free from all the bullshit of most countries. They’re obviously building off their ‘Be Stupid’ positioning but adding a fun community layer to it. Via the site and Facebook you’re able to become a resident of Diesel Island, the more you interact with the Island, the more benefits you get.

The New Nation manifesto talks through the goal of the new country.

There are 5 key steps to becoming a resident on Diesel Island, all aimed at driving participation and community interaction within the idea:

1. Settle on the Island (by joining the FB group)

2. Complete a Visa Application (by profiling questions on your web behaviour)

3. Propose a law for Diesel Island

4. Suggest a public holiday

5. Make 10 contributions.

The more you interact with the community, the more benefits you get as a citizen of Diesel Island. You can even become President for the Day.

I applaud Diesel for creating a ‘country like no other’, a its a great social engagement idea which builds a community and becomes a fun way for people to interact with the brand values as well as view product. It connects the community of ‘pioneers’ around interesting fun challenges. They’re promoting Diesel Island within the Diesel Facebook fan page of 790,000 fans , however they’ve only got 1,347 inhabitants so far which isn’t great.

 Not sure how hard they are promoting it for it to drive larger participation.

Will be interesting to see if Diesel Island gains critical mass, cos it is a cool idea