Telstra Sushi Plane content goes live

I’m really proud to say that our Telstra Sushi Plane content has gone live. It’s great to see the effort by our team here at DDB Sydney come to fruition. 

 We sent 14 young Aussies to the home of pop culture Tokyo to take part in a reality game adventure which mashed the latest technology with crazy Japanese culture. All in a bid to create a live ‘test environment’ for the exclusive HTC smartphone’s  on Telstra’s Next G network, showcasing real people engaging with technology in a crazy environment.

You can follow the story here.

The guys and gals qualified for a seat on Sushi Plane by winning the ‘Manga Me’ (create your own Japanese superhero avatar) Facebook competition back in June/July.

The lucky 14 were paired up into 7 teams to compete in the Sushi Plane challenge in Tokyo –  think Japanese gameshow techified.

The entire experience was powered by the fantastic HTC Desire phones and Telstra’s Next G technology. It was all about creating an immersive experience for these lucky 14 and capturing the content from the live gaming adventure.

The teams competed in three challenges as well as several Augmented Reality Bonus challenges to see who’d be crowned Sushi Plane champion.The three challenges were:

Tokyo Adrift

Megapixel Sumo

Sushi Pain

This is a short video introducing the Sushi Planers

Check out the Sushi Plane content here

Thanks also to SET Japan, Naked Sydney, Mango for collaborating with us on this project.

Two Chances for Effies Gold

Got the great news that my paper for McHappy Day 2009 has been named as a finalist in the Australian 2010 Effie Awards.

It’s a finalist in Government/Social Causes as well as Small Budget categories.  Some of the other finalists are solid but I’m hoping we can snatch a bit of metal at the event in late August. Special thanks to the legendary Caroline Ghatt from phdcreative who wrote the paper with me. Big word to the other planners here at DDB Sydney, we got 6 finalists out of 7 entries which I think is the most out of any agency in Australia.

Here’s the TVC which launched our 2009 McHappy Day work.

Telstra Partycatchers- turning your mobile into a ticket chasing device

Ready for the chase

Do you like the chase? If you’re always up for that last minute party, welcome to our world.

We’ve just launched Telstra ‘Party Catchers’ our second idea (off the back of Cabbieoke) aimed at engaging 20’somethings here in Australia. 2 parties, 2 cities, 90 free tickets to be given away by human ticket machines. All you have to do is use your mobile to chase down tickets via our app. chasing app to catch the human ticket machines with free tix

We’ve recruited 30 kids from Sydney and 30 from Melbourne to be the human ticket machines and they’re doing a city swap for the VIP party weekend of their lives. But the interesting bit is that each of those 30 peeps travelling around on May 1 has three tickets to give away to an amazing party that Saturday night in repsective cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

In Sydney, Los Valentinos, Matt Van Shie and a major international act will be playing. In Melbourne Miami Horro, Space Invadas and Snob Scrilla will be playing.

Check out the facebook fan page and on your mobile phone for when the ‘chase’ goes live.