Sneakerpedia – collaboration to create a real community

Absolutely love this initiative by Footlocker, a great example of community collaboration. They’ve created sneakerpedia, a social wiki where there sneaker freak fans submit  pics of their fav kicks to create & build the Sneakerpedia community. It’s built around a genuine youth culture passion point, offers simple utility and will drive strong engagement with the Footlocker brand. Just goes to show, that brands need to act as facilitatators and let their fans share their passion for the products they sell. Well done Footlocker.

Generation C- A look into their world

I wrote this deck late last year, my first presentation exploring the world of Generation C and how they’re different. In subsequent presentations I’ve spoken a lot about Gen C being the ‘connected collective’, whereas this presentation gives more of a quick overview of what this community of digital natives are into and some tips for marketers looking to engage them. These guys and girls are digital storytellers who use social media to express themselves and demonstrate their belonging to a community.

Connecting with Youth – 10 quick tips

I wrote this deck earlier this  year as a bit of an intro into Generation C and some tips into how marketers can successfully engage with youth. It’s all about brand participation, allowing youth to get involved with and play with ideas…that’s what drives cultural capital and the stickiness of your brand.