Iranian youth uprising via social media… GREEN REVOLUTION

Brands can learn alot from about sparking movements from political uprisings. One is going on right now in Iran post the dodgy elections over there as hundreds of thousands of Iranian youth hit the streets in protest, powered by the interconnectivity of Facebook and Twitter. Irans draconian internet filtering is no match for the 33% of Iranians between the ages of 15 and 29 who are interconnected and politicised by virtual social networks. It’s been nicknamed the ‘Green Revolution’ as Hussein Mousavi’s ( opposition leader) supporters have adopted the colour green for their movement ( a strong Islamic colour).

The mobilising power of Facebook and Twitter, combined with the face to face solidarity of the gatherings and protests is creating a frenzy of conversations and actions in Iran seeking a recount of the votes. In the wake of the contested election the Iranian state has harnessed every last iota of its coercive power to disrupt communications and prevent organised protests. Iran has more blogs per capita than any other country so it will be interesting to see what happens when the Iranian government ‘turns off’ the internet and shuts down the mobile phone towers. Apparently Moussavi is now encouraging youth to ‘connect’ via landlines, one public utility the government won’t shut down. It is yet to be seen if this youth uprising will  work in achieving their goal.

The key things brands can learn

Iranian youth using twitter and Facebook to mobilise...the  'Green Revolution'

Iranian youth using twitter and Facebook to mobilise...the 'Green Revolution'

 for this type of uprising led by digital media, is that youth mobilise around the promise of CHANGE, just like American youth mobilised in huge numbers around Obama in 2008. Show how you can  change the status quo and people will follow you.

Youth Want Constant Change

Gen C embrace constant change in their lives – they expect it and love it. Rapid technological advancement in the past 10years has resulted in them being hardwired to teach themselves new stuff. They lead fluid and flexible lives, they want the ability to pick up and go at a moments notice. They want to be in control of the change, or at least not be dictated to by others. They see life in their 20’s as a collection of life experiences – carpe diem is definitely the mantra. You’re now judged a success by how many interesting places you’ve visited, not by how much you earn or what car you drive. Here are four friends from Sydney talking about change.

Gen C Crave Constant Contact and Change

Gen C are the connected collective. They seek constant constact with their friends and the world. Meet four mates from Sydney’s Potts Point who shared their views on the best thing about being their age, friends, Facebook and change. Lesson for marketers..Surprise them, entertain them, stimulate their need for constant contact…and above all, give them something to talk about…