Social content via collaboration: BK: King of the road giveaway

Burger King USA have teamed up with Microsoft to create a 28day national giveaway of the Xbox Kinect..all delivered by the King himself.

The King is embarking on a month long journey to giveaway  3,000 Microsoft Kinect packs through everything from scavenger hunts in NYC to straight up giveaways to people who buy burgers in random towns, every 15 minutes.

The idea is super social, with the dudes from Crispin developing content non stop for the month to be uploaded to  YouTube, blog posts on Tumblr, a variety of tweets, foursquare check-ins, Facebook updates, Flickr photos.

Pretty cool idea from the boys at Crispin who continue to lead the way when it comes to the creation of social content via experiences.

Creating Tribal Ideas for Generation C – my Nokia World presentation

Creating Tribal Ideas for Generation C

Here’s the presentation I gave last week in Stuttgart Germany at Nokia World. They asked me to come and present on how brands are using social media to connect with youth. I spoke mainly about the many different dimensions of Generation C and how social media is shaping their self identity. I also spoke about the key principals brand behaviours you need to adopt when tryign to create a tribal idea – an idea which sparks a rapid mobilisaiton of youth. Click through to slideshare and check the ‘notes pages’ for all my speaker notes which explain some of the points if the images aren’t clear. Had a great time at Nokia World and will be blogging on it this week.

Feedback welcome 🙂

Youth Marketing Rule #4 Experiment, always be in BETA mode

Experimentation was the catchcry of the 60’s with youth, and we’re seeing it come back as a key part of brand behavior. Brands who have an ‘always in BETA’ attitude to their business are gaining traction with Gen C. These brands are constantly trying new things and experimenting, asking for a viewpoint, in all aspects of the marketing mix. As long as it delivers on the overall brand point of view, it’s worth trying. Don’t be afraid of failure, if you have a go and are transparent, you get respect and love. Burger King is a great example of a brand constantly experimenting with new ideas but staying true to a core organising thought of ‘having it your way’. Over the past few years we’ve seen the ‘Subservient Chicken’, ‘Whopper Freakout’, ‘Whopper Virgins’ and most recently ‘Whopper Sacrifice’ all bringing people’s love of the Whopper to life in very different but engaging ways. Skittles latest foray is another great example of a brand trying new ways to connect with youth and really leveraging social media to create conversations around the brand.