#Allundefeated in 2013: adidas celebrates All Blacks undefeated season with topical social content






Proud to say I drove this idea with my Regional Creative Director partner in Singapore, Grant Hunter 🙂 Idea cracked late on a Thursday, presented to client on a Friday and live late Sunday evening. Awesome effort by our team and the great folk at adidas and the NZRU for championing this piece of social content.

adidas has been a key partner to the world’s greatest team, the New Zealand All Blacks for over 15 years. The 2013 season has been an epic one with the team sweeping all before them, winning 13 games in a row. After the 13th win against England it became a reality that the team could go undefeated if they were to beat Ireland the following Saturday in Dublin. Knowing there would be massive social buzz if the AB’s did beat Ireland, we asked ourselves the question, ‘How could adidas help celebrate the All Blacks first undefeated season in the professional era tapping into the live conversation around the victory’. This was the perfect op to be a partner, not just a sponsor.


 To celebrate the 14 wins, we decided to change the www.allblacks.com URL to wwwwwwwwwwwwww.allblacks.com – with each ‘W’ signifying an All Blacks win. We created both a Facebook timeline cover and social content for the All Blacks Facebook (2.1m fans) and adidas Rugby Facebook (148k fans) pages.   Within minutes of the victory against Ireland on November 23rd,  the new URL was posted on Facebook, Twitter and as a major news story on the All Blacks website generating high levels of engagement and brand love for adidas. 


The idea massively tapped into the international buzz around the All Blacks 14th win. Within 24 hours of posting the idea reached well over 2.2m fans online. We had over 19k visits to the website, over 8k likes and 1,100 shares on the All Blacks and adidas rugby Facebook pages with active social engagement reaching another 180,000 people.  The idea was also retweeted almost 900 times on the All Blacks and adidas UK Twitter pages reaching another 100k people. Zero media spend and an example of creating relevant social content that rode the wave of a topical event, in this case a victory to be proud of. 

Interesting Stats:

– 90% engagement in first 12 hours of posting
-Reached over 2.3m fans in a single day
-Most shared branded content on the All Blacks Facebook page
-Most retweeted brand tweet on @allblacks Twitter page
-Facebook Engagement rate of 14%

adidas supersounds: music meets rugby

Just in time for todays 2012 Super Rugby kicks off, we’ve just launched our latest campaign for Adidas’ sponsorship of the five Kiwi franchises.

In 2012, Super Rugby in New Zealand is ALL SUPERCHARGED.

We’re launching a nice little idea called SUPERSOUNDS to kick things off (pardon the pun 🙂

It’s based on the insight that music plays a big role in getting the players supercharged for their games.

Ever wondered what some of rugby’s best players listen to on their playlist to get themselves supercharged before a game?

Well, we found out. Over  5 weeks, we’re bringing Israel Dagg (Crusaders), Ali Williams (Blues), Jimmy Cowan (Highlanders), Victor Vito (Hurricanes), Richard Kahui (Chiefs) pregame playlists to life.

If you’re in NZ you can download the tracks for free, otherwise you can just stream them live.

Check out the site here

Inside the Black Jersey – great Adidas sports content

Adidas have recently released ‘Inside the Black Jersey‘  – a 5 part branded content series which provides an intimate portrayal of the team and how they went about clinching the 2008 Grand Slam Tour (beating England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) – only the 3rd time the All Blacks have achieved this feat in their 100 year history. I really like this content, Yes I’m  a massive rugby nut and getting an inside look into the lives of some of their great players was great. It’s a great example of how Adidas’ really focus on the mental side of achievement with their communication and really differentiate from Nike, who are more about the external\physical preparations that goes into winning.

Filmed by a small crew of just three  women, each 10-minute episode follows a different member of the team, including ‘The Captain’, ‘The Rookie’, ‘The Character’, ‘The Coaches’ and ‘The Playmaker’. The first of these follows skipper Richie McCaw in the lead up to the opening game against Scotland – McCaw discusses how the team’s training schedule is structured, what the boys in black do to unwind as well as what the all black jersey means to him. This, along with the second episode and a promotional trailer for the series, can be viewed at adidas.tv.


It’s interesting to see that Adidas creates content which really gives people an intimate and close up look into the mind of the players and team culture whereas one could argue Nike’s approach to content is to glorify the players via big budget ads around their skills. I like the fact that Adidas really focus on getting inside the head of the player…it’s a nice angle on the ‘Impossible is Nothing’ brand idea. Nike still kicks Adidas’ butt in terms of developing branded utility (eg: Nike Bootcamp training tools) but in my view Adidas is making more real and interesting content for fans.