Adidas Originals does Augmented Reality Shoe

Adidas Originals recently launched an AR game using their footwear. It’s really cool and is a sign of things to come for brands in 2010, using AR technologies to blur the lines between mixed realities. The idea isn’t that social, nevertheless, they’ve got some cool utility  as you can redeem reward points for shoes for participating in the game. Not as cool as Nike’s True City AR app, but I’m gonna get a pair to try it out.

Create an ‘Avitar’ for Adidas’ 60th anniversary online dress up party

Adidas Originals are celebrating their 60th birthday party and the Australian team has created quite a cool little online experience, an online dress up party, where you can create an ‘Avitar’, choose cool Adidas orginals clothing to dress up in, upload your pic and groove to some tunes. The main hook is a chance to hang with celebrity photographer Mark ‘Cobrasnake’ Hunter in LA. I like the idea, pretty well excuted online, although I think it’s a little behind the times given about 20 youth brands have done avatar/create your own character type ideas in the past two years…eg: Simpsonize Me. Having said that, I think Aussie youth, especially those ‘indies’ like my 16yr old

Create your Aditar at their 60th anniversary online dress up party

Create your Aditar at their 60th anniversary online dress up party

buddy Harry will get into this idea.  A bit of fun.