Great Aussie branded content – 6 Beers of Separation

This is a nice piece of branded content coming out of Australia. It’s for Tooheys Extra Dry – who was  famous for the ‘tongue’ ad of a few years back. This idea is called ‘6 beers of separation‘ – basically, 4 Aussies are chosen to try and meet their heroes through 6 beers of’s kind of like a watered down version of the Amazing race. It’s well shot and the trailer looks pretty interesting, interesting enough for me to want to check it out further. Like all decent brand content, branding isn’t rammed down your throat, but is there and play a role in the storylines.  I think it will engage the interest of 18-25yr old it has a nice indie feel to it.6 Beers of Separation is underway

Word has it, that it will culminate in a 60 minute doco on Foxtel, we’ll see – definitely feels right for the MTV crowd. Well done TED for putting out something interesting, albeit not completely original.