Me, We, The World – key youth development stages and implications for marketers

This is a short presentation I put together based on some primary research I’ve been doing into the different developmental stages youth go through and the implications for marketers.

These phases are by no means completely linear, they are intertwined and kids experience several at a time eg: they could be in the ‘play’ phase whilst also ‘achieving’ through sports etc. This is meant to give marketers a bit of an insight into the different mindsets of young people and also the key social differences between boys and girls. The social focus shifts from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ to ‘The World’ as kids move through to teenagers and their sphere of influence broadens.

I am NOT a psychologist, but this is my perspective based on work I’ve been doing  in the kids,tweens and teens space. Hopefully there are some interesting take outs for marketers who are looking to engage with young people through ideas.