Great Nike Free Run participation idea: #runviking


Even though I work with the great folk at adidas, respect to the guys over at Nike for creating another compelling participation program. Am loving the simplicity of this Nike Free run program and how they’ve cleverly leverage to Nike + community to drive engagement. Well done Nike and agency. Thanks to Iris NYC for picking this one up for us.

Capitalizing on a trend that’s basically running selfies and the hashtag #fromwhereirun, Nike launched a contest to promote it’s Run Free line, encouraging users to submit the most awesome place they’d like to go on a running adventure, for free.  They picked 10 finalists, and then smartly leveraged the Nike+ community by allowing users to vote by donating their miles logged – with top contributors to the winning run able to join the run’s creator.  See the winning run here #RUNVIKING.

This contest was rooted in existing consumer behaviors – it did not ask users to do something different than they were already doing – which means people are MUCH more likely to participate.  It leveraged the existing community and social currency of Nike+ by using miles as the voting mechanism, and smartly, encouraged people to up their usage occasion of Nike+ products by giving top contributors a vested interest in the winning run.

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