20 quick tips on Community Management for brands

 I’m often asked by clients for tips on Community Guidelines for social platforms – particularly how brands can best manage their Facebook communities. Clearly, you’ve got to have an overarching social strategy, which then comes to life specifically for Facebook and other social platforms you choose to leverage. My biggest piece of advice is thinking about how brands can create meaningful interactions that genuinely add value to the community members daily life. There’s nothing worse than a brand trying to ‘be your best mate’ everyday. Anyway,  here are some quick tips on things Community Managers should think about when managing Facebook communities as the conversation hubs for their brands:


  1.  Ensure you have a clear SOCIAL PURPOSE driving all conversations (Why would someone want to belong to this community?)
  2. Have a clear & consistent SOCIAL VOICE – are you an entertainer, host, deal distributor, enabler, coach etc..)
  3. Build around the HUM (daily conversation off content pillars), SING (capitalize on relevant brand/cultural events) , SHOUT (create max noise, engagement with launches/campaign activity) model
  4. Vary the posts – open ended stuff works best (questions, polls, competitions
  5. Have a maximum of 3 content buckets (i.e: Heineken has beer, music and design as the passion points they generate conversation around)
  6. Employ the ‘Why would I care, why should I share’ test to every post
  7. Influence, don’t try and control the conversation
  8. Stick to the 40/40/20 rule – 40% something about brand, 40% nothing about brand, 20% all about brand)
  9. Focus on Visual content (more prominence in Facebook’s news feed)
  10. Don’t stretch too far from your communities passion points or your product’s sphere on influence
  11. It’s not a product catalogue, don’t push too much product info
  12. Always listen and respond
  13. Treat everyone equally
  14. Act as an educator/ guide on product issues
  15. Provide facts and benefits at the moments that count
  16. Don’t plan too far ahead, allow for spontaneity, topicality & seasonality
  17. Don’t delete negative comments (unless they are personally offensive)
  18. Measure the best days/time of day to post – monitor engagement continuously and report regularly
  19. Always give FB community access to new products/competitions first
  20. Ensure your Risk management process is clear and you can pick up negative comments quickly and deal with them

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