#GagaMarketing: Lessons from a brand phenom

Last week my colleague Karen and I were looking at Lady Gaga and the lessons marketers can learn from her. As a master marketer, she has cleverly cultivated a following of die hard fans. There are numerous presentations on slideshare covering her as a marketing phenom, so we thought we’d add our POV on what brands can learn from Lady Gaga:

  • BE PROVOCATIVE– don’t be scared to have a unique point of view on the world and stick to it
    • I’m obsessively opposed to the typical’ Lady Gaga
  • BE TIMELY – pick the optimum moment to connect and the right context
  • BE INCLUSIVE– leverage social media so your fans feel as though they’re genuinely part of your brand
    • Gaga has branded her followers as ‘Little Monsters’ making them feel connected to her and each other
  • BE GENEROUS– acknowledge and reward loyalists with real value
    • Lady Gaga gives her Little Monsters exclusive first release access to content, songs
  • BE DISTINCTIVE – take risks to get noticed
  • BE OPEN – your fans’ WOM is the best marketing tool you have, but you can’t control it
  • BE FRIENDLY– they can open doors to new audiences you’d never reach alone
    • Lady Gaga’s association with Google has broadened her reach and given her fans even more of a voice
    • Hooking up with Oprah and Perez Hilton has broadened her reach beyond teens
    • Limit idea distribution to the best of your content
  • BE A CULTURE CREATOR – infuse your belief system across other aspects of culture your fans are into eg: fashion, activism, gay rights
  • BE REAL – let your fans feel like they are having a real conversation


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