Using YouTube vloggers to create influence

Alot of brands try to use YouTube vloggers with mixed success. Here’s two examples of very different brands who have managed to capture the attention of youth culture in very different ways. Skittles went down the entertainment route, Crocs the educational route. Both are effective.

Skittles  knows how to use the ‘right’ influencers in the digital space to help drive UGC. They’ve been in touch with character Trale Lewous a few times before to get him to help them tell their rainbow story.  In this instance they sent him a custom Skittles boom box and this is what he came up with. Over 750k views in a few days for the cost of a customised boom box. Brilliant, highly effective influencer content. Nice to see a brand who really gets how to use YouTube vloggers.

The other brand who’s used infuencers really well is Crocs. They use ‘hollas’ (girls who create film reviews after their shopping experiences) in an orchestrated influencer campaign called ‘Crocs are cute’.  They got 3 key hollas to review their latest translucent shoes for girls, asking them to go on a shopping spree to match outfits with the shoes. Relevant, meaningful, authentic.  Really sweet idea for a brand that wouldn’t have any traction with the teen/20 something female audience.



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