Generation E (Empowered) – @davidjoneshavas on the power of young leaders

My old boss,  good friend and inspirational leader David Jones, CEO of Havas/Euro RSCG Worldwide (@davidjoneshavas) talks about how technology, particularly the social revolution has ’empowered’ youth globally to get involved in changing the world – taking down regimes, building brands up etc. Lets call them Generation E as i think ’empowered’ sums up the power they now have due to their global connections.

82% of young people today believe they can change the world for the better, an amazing statistic and a nice counter to many peoples view that Gen Y and Millenials and completely self absorbed.

A generation that is incredibly smart, knowledgable, and above all responsible. This is a generation that will probably want to be remembered as how they left the world a better place, what they changed and the power of their social connections to influence & affect change.

The most interesting point in this video, I believe is this concept of leaders of today providing ‘mutual mentoring’ – where leaders are mentoring down as well as up. The most progressive companies, governments, organisations understand how influential Generation E can be.


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