Adidas is all in…are you?

Hot off the press. This is Adidas’ new global brand campaign…Adidas. Is all In.

It’s replacing ‘Impossible is Nothing’ as the  global brand idea. So, is it any good?

Well, it feels a little recessive in terms of a celebration of global sport culture, although i like the way they’ve weaved in their stable of key atheletes/celebrities across a wide variety of sports and now broader popular culture ..from Katie Perry, to Beckham to the All Blacks to rapper BoB to DJ Medhi… it definitely is a celebration of sport, street, music ,fashion and pop culture fused into one, something they’ve never done before and reflective of their broader ambition to position as a truth icon of active youth lifestyle.

  I’m sure they’ve got a complete line up of digital and experiential expressions of the idea, but I can’t help but think that there isnt really a big idea in this ad. I could have put any tagline on the end of this ad, would it really have made a difference??

 The ad dramatises teamwork, urban culture, passion, fun, the highs and lows of sport and it does bring me closer to the athlete and the everyday consumer who digs music, fashion or pop culture in general.

Strategically, Adidas ‘Is All In’ is clever as it allows the brand to talk about its involvement in global sports, pop culture (music, fashion), street culture as well as its traidtional commitment to athletic performance. I guess they felt that ‘Impossible is Nothing’ was too restrictive to just sport potentially?? 

 For me, I really liked ‘Impossible is Nothing’ as a brand idea as it really played to the challenger aspect of the brand, and felt very distinctive from Nike… but I guess now they’re trying to tap into consumers desire to ‘give all’ in all aspects of put yourself out there, no matter what your interest. Are they making a big shift from sports brand to a broader cultural role of SELF EXPRESSION brand across key the key youth pillars of SPORT, FASHION, MUSIC…now they just need to dabble in TECHNOLOGY and GAMING  to cover off the 5 global youth culture pillars. 

The ad does has grown on me after watching it 3-4 times…what does everyone think???


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