‘Blurtl-it’: mobile audio Facebook updates

Our (DDB Sydney’s) latest piece of brand utility for client Telstra. To help communicate Telstra’s new ‘Free talk & text all weekend’ prepaid offer we wanted to look at how we could contextually demonstrate the power of this offer. We knew that our community are addicted to updating their Facebook via their mobile so we wanted to put a fresh spin on how they interact with Facebook via their mobiles. We wanted to create a new media channel for youth to express themselves as they love capturing and sharing the moment, but so far, they can only do that via words.

The answer: Blurtl: mobile audio Facebook updates. FB fans are able to post audio status updates on their FB wall and their friends walls, all via their mobile.

As the short video above shows, we’re bringing a new audio dimension to Facebook updates from your phone and so far Aussie youth are having a blast with it.

We’re hoping to create a new behaviour in the social environment, the act of ‘Blurtling-it’.

Big ups to Anna K and Rupert for their work on making Blurtl happen.


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