10 Commandments of Youth

I came across a great study by MTV called Youthtopia which had fantastic insight into global youth and the key values driving their behaviour. It’s from early 2010, but I believe the insights are still very true today.

According the the study there were 5 meta values which created the 10 commandments of youth. These 5 meta values are INDIVIDUALITY, TRADITION, HONESTY, EFFORT and POSITIVITY. Off the back of these 5 values, here are the 10 commandments driving youth behaviour:

1. Believe in yourself

2. Honesty is the best policy

3. Take responsibility

4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T  your parents

5. Be passionate and live life to the max

6. Stay optimistic even when things aren’t great

7. Dream big

8. Be a creator, not a destroyer

9. Embrace differences in culture, in beliefs

10. Stay true to your friends

What was interesting to me was that there are some myths about Gen Y and Gen Z and how they behave which were uncovered in the study. They are:

– Born to be mild NOT hedonistic

– Industrious NOT lazy

– Achievement obsessed NOT celebrity obsessed

– Looking for love NOT sexually promiscuous

-Family focussed NOT selfish


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