Nike 6.0 iDNation taking customised creativity to new heights

My favourite brand Nike 6.0 are at it again. They’re launching iD Nation which is basically an update to Nike ID, where you can take your creativity to the next level in customising your shoes. Another amazing example of social marketing.

iDNation is a community for creative individuals to get inspired, customize, and make some fans. They’re just about to launch the Style Lab which will be a lab for the iDNation community to be inspired by everyone’s designs.

Absolutely love this utility,  I’m not a total sneaker freak, but I do have two pairs of customised Nike’s and being able to create my designs online whilst being inspired by others online as well as getting kudos from other sneaker heads, is damn cool. Will be interesting to see which subculture picks this up, the skaters, surfers, riders..or all of the above… will be watching this space.

Well done Nike.

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