Attention youth brands : The Bigger you get, the Smaller you should act

I’ve got this theory that when it comes to youth brands in particular –  the bigger a brand gets, the smaller it should act. In todays highly networked world where any space between the brand and a person can be considered media, brands need to focus on intimate gestures, over big grandiose statements. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much believe in the power of a big idea, but i think now more than ever brand storytelling is about lots of small stories which ladder up to mean something bigger. I also think acting small allows you to be remixed and edited by youth more easily and we all know if young people are part of the brands story, they’re far more likely to share it.

As marketers we need to think about how we’re CREATING TIME for people to engage with our brands as opposed to buying time and placements which people by in large ignore. Creating ideas people want to spend time with, ideas which fundamentally make their conversations more interesting or deliver genuine utility are the ideas which are winning with youth. Nike ‘The Chance’  and Nike + platforms are perfect example of the brand creating time for people.

 For me personally, brands like Bathing Ape, WESC, Nike 6.0, Red Bull get me because they regularly make intimate gestures towards me and give me something to talk about. So as a youth marketer I’m focusing on intimate gestures over grandiose statements.


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