Planners need to be architects of the brands story and behaviour

Today more than ever, the media and message are one. Everything is media, people are media, platforms are media, even the best brands like Nike, Red Bull and Apple are media. So I believe the role of a Planner today needs to reflect this.

I believe we need to be the architects of both the brands story and how it behaves in media/culture in order to drive engagement.

In terms of the BRANDS STORY, we have and will always be required to use insight to really articulate what the brand stands for, what  it’s point of view on the world is and what story it should tell to create ongoing conversations in culture – or how can it tap into/add value to an existing conversation.  This hasn’t changed from what a planner has always done, however, today it’s far more about making a contribution to people’s ‘conversations streams’ in social media and less about one off campaigns that are a monologue. Thinking about how people will interact with these stories is critical. I’m a big believer in transmedia storytelling as opposed to ‘matching luggage media’ strategy.

Being the architect of the BRANDS BEHAVIOR is a challenging job as it requires a deep understanding of how people engage with media (in the broadest sense) & culture and how the brand should behave in culture in order to create ‘infectious interactions’. It’s about creating ideas people want to play with, pass on and invite into their lives. If we can create engagement via interesting brand behaviours then we’re well on our way to morphing culture, not just mimicking our audiences lives.

I believe our role within the agency is about both inspiring social creativity and also being about to nurture and protect both the big and small ideas that contribute to the conversation the brands stimulating in culture. It’s about insights that inspire interactive storytelling on behalf of a brand. Thoughts?


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