Glastotag – creating the world’s most tagged photo

Glastotag - the world's most tagged photo

Simple but great idea from Orange UK who recently sponsored Glastobury 2010. Glastotag is a mammoth photo taken at half time during the England v Slovenia match from the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. They are trying to create the world’s most tagged photo ever. The thing I really like about this idea is that it taps into a two simple but powerful truths amongst  festival rat youths, in that they love having their party pic taken at festivals. and they love tagging themselves.

They’re creating a bit of culture with this idea, sure they’ve tapped into an existing event, but with this audience, you go to where the fish are- unless of course you’re Red Bull and you’re creating events yourself.

One of my football buddies Joe was there and he said it was awesome, he’s still to find his head in the photo, but the great zooming features on the Glastotag make it pretty easy to spot yourself out. Great idea by Orange and nice Facebook Connect integration making it super easy to share with friends. As we all know, youth want to be part of the brands story, and this has been one of the better music festival integrations I’ve seen by a telco, as they genuinely have added value to the partygoers experience ,not just invaded the space.


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