Slactivism – how young adults are changing activism

Interesting research paper Social Activism 2.0 just released by TBWA and Flamingo Research in the USA. It’s all about the impact of social media on young adults and activism. Basically, the rise of web 2.0 and created so called SLACTIVISTS – young people who think by hitting the ‘like’ button on Facebook, it’s showing allegiance to a cause. It’s clear brands around the world have tapped into this ‘optimistic’ generation who are more empowered to make a difference. In my mind for these kids, it’s less about being tree huggers and moreabout being connected to a community doing good…tapping into their need to belong, but rather to a cause which does good, then just a tribe that’s about being cool.

 I haven’t read the full report yet, but the main headlines I took out in terms of how to engage young people in cause related efforts ( which are hardly revelations, but common sense) are:

1. Make it social

2.Make it fun

3. Show how they (and the corporation) are making a real tangible difference

4. Spend time understanding what really motivates them

5. Ignite their creativity – they’re more likely to get involved if they can snap a pic or help co-create


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