Adidas Match Tracker – real utility for young footballers

Adidas is weighing into the world of providing real digital utility to up and coming footballers, to rival Nike Football’s initiatives.

The Adidas Match Tracker is a great piece of technology by Adidas to help young footballers improve their game. This app delivers amazing match analysis,  tracking passes, shots on goal, distances travelled and team formations/moves from matches in the 2010 champions league.

It helps young footballers learn directly from the professional players and teams in terms of their moves but it also gives those football fanatics an in depth technical look at every game. It’s social as well.

After Nike Football really pushed the boundaries with Nike Bootcamp and more recently The Chance in terms of providing real utility for footballers it’s great to see Adidas delivering real value and utility to young footballers. Hopefully this app will overcome their massive flop at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as there campaign was blown away by Nike’s ‘Write The Future’ idea in my eyes. This is Nike’s latest digital installation where people are given a chance to ‘write the future’

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