Nike’s ‘The Chance’ takes youth engagement to new levels

I absolutely love this idea from Nike. The Chance is exactly that, a chance for up and coming footballers to get signed up by the Nike Academy and spend a year training like a pro. It’s off the back of the ‘Write The Future’ World Cup campaign. What I really like about this idea is that Nike are providing real value and opportunity for youth footballers. They are inspiring them, they are giving them a chance to live their dreams. It’s about ‘doing’ stuff for youth and starting an ongoing year long conversation with youngsters as opposed to one off campaigns. It definitely meets my main criteria for big ideas…SIMPLE< SURPRISING< SOCIAL. It’s not about special effects or AR or the like, it’s just based on putting youngsters at the heart of the brand story and letting them tell that story.

They have created quite a cool entry mechanism, young footballers are given the chance to promote themselves or ‘get noticed’ by their friends. Create a fan page, promote yourself via a cool poster and then check out who you’re up against. It taps into all the key themes that drive male youth – skill mastery, competition, masculinity and achievement.

I’ve always been an Adidas fan, but quite frankly, Nike have left them for dead in terms of the type of interactive ideas they are now bringing to market. The Nike Football academy is really raising the game and creating a legion of loyal Nike fans, which in the end will sell a truckload of Nike product.

Again, well done Nike. The bar has been raised again.


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