Marketing a national team – Umbro Underwhelms while Adidas intrigues

I am super excited about the World Cup starting tonight, I’ve got my Aussie supporter flag ready and I’ve also got my 2nd team sorted with Slovenia, as my mother is originally from Slovenia. Anyway, besides the point. I’ve been checking out all the major brands World Cup campaigns and i’ve got to say the Umbro ‘Tailored by England’ campaign really underwhelms.  I’m not English of course so ‘God save the Queen’ doesnt have the same emotional resonance with me, but this ad could have been so much better. I guess they’re using it as a call to arms to unite all Englishmen/women from all ethnic backgrounds, however it just doesn’t connect emotionally with me. Maybe it’s the poor production values, although I think they would have been going for the ‘authentic’ working class approach, given Umbro’s roots as a brand. I really wan tto like this ad, but I just don’t.

The Adidas ‘TeamGeist’ idea for the German National team back late last year was way cooler and more engaging. From this TV spot, you visited the website to reveal the German National teams story.


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