10 thoughts on judging creative ideas

I was thinking last night about how I judge ideas that I work on with creatives at the agency, and it got me thinking about the key elements I look for.

Here’s my checklist of 10 things to think about when you’re judging ideas or thinking about creating ideas for modern youth brands

  2. Does it capture my IMAGINATION and create a NEW REALITY for me?
  3. Is it built of FRICTION POINTS between culture and the brand’s POV on the world, which will get me talking?
  4. Is there an inherent MAGNETISM to it?
  5. Is it PARTICIPATORY on several levels and easy to SHARE?
  6. Does it have the potential to be REMIXED in some way
  7. Does it create SOCIAL VALUE when I interact with?
  8. Is it making a useful/interesting CULTURAL CONTRIBUTION in some way?
  9. Is it AUTHENTIC and true to the brand?
  10. Is it a LENS into a fresh consumer perspective versus a reflection of the target audiences lives?

I’m sure there’s probably a thing or two I’ve missed here, this is just some stuff I jotted down. Thoughts anyone?


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