Nike ‘Future’ vs Adidas ‘Fast’

World Cup fever is amongst us. Everyone has bveen eagerly anticipating what Nike and Adidas have in store. Nike at least has a big idea in ‘Write the future’, although in my opinion it feels over produced and doesnt inspire me at all. Having said that you can watch it 20x and always find something new to engage with.  Nike has also really utilised their Nike Football facebook fan pages well to help seed this piece of content.

Adidas, well it’s a fail in my eyes, it’s clear their budgets have been significantly cut, however it seems their need for big ideas has been cut too. What’s happened to those brilliant ideas 180 used to punch out 3-4 years ago.

What I’m really excited about is Nike’s  ‘The Chance’ idea where they give young players the chance to trial for the EPL.


One thought on “Nike ‘Future’ vs Adidas ‘Fast’

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