Telstra Partycatchers- turning your mobile into a ticket chasing device

Ready for the chase

Do you like the chase? If you’re always up for that last minute party, welcome to our world.

We’ve just launched Telstra ‘Party Catchers’ our second idea (off the back of Cabbieoke) aimed at engaging 20’somethings here in Australia. 2 parties, 2 cities, 90 free tickets to be given away by human ticket machines. All you have to do is use your mobile to chase down tickets via our app. chasing app to catch the human ticket machines with free tix

We’ve recruited 30 kids from Sydney and 30 from Melbourne to be the human ticket machines and they’re doing a city swap for the VIP party weekend of their lives. But the interesting bit is that each of those 30 peeps travelling around on May 1 has three tickets to give away to an amazing party that Saturday night in repsective cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

In Sydney, Los Valentinos, Matt Van Shie and a major international act will be playing. In Melbourne Miami Horro, Space Invadas and Snob Scrilla will be playing.

Check out the facebook fan page and on your mobile phone for when the ‘chase’ goes live.


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