10 Shifts Youth Marketers need to know


Uploading my image to the 'Hero' interactive trailer

I put together a presentation the other day for an internal meeting which looked at 10 shifts in the way marketers look to engage young people through communication and media.  Many of these thoughts originate from great thinkers in the media space, namely Faris Yakob, Neil Perkin and Helge Tenno. I’ve just consolidated some of them and added a few others. The overarching theme here is the acknowledgement that ‘people are our most powerful media’ and ideas and strategies need to be far more social and have inherent share value in them to create brand engagement.

  1. ‘Me’ TO  ‘We’ culture where the power of brands lie  in their social exchange
  2. One Way Messages TO  Collaborative Creativity
  3. Individual insight TO Collective Intelligence
  4. Target Audiences TO Partners in Production
  5. Campaigns TO  Continuous Conversations
  6. Linear static ideas TO Agile and Evolving Narratives
  7. Interruption TO Utility
  8. Advertising To Culture Creation
  9. 360° to 6° thinking
  10. Channels TO Arenas

Thoughts welcome.


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