2 thoughts on “Battle of Big Thinking Sydney

  1. Hey Dan, cool blog! Just wondering if you could elaborate more on what Geoff Ross said about ‘power of opposites’? I’ve not heard of this concept before with respect to branding….

  2. hi LLoyd..thanks for the compliment. Geoff only touched on the ‘power of opposites’, From a comms perspective, what i think he was getting at was the fact that sometimes magic comes from fusing up two very different social objects and making them sing together. The boys at Crispin do this well, by exploiting cultural tensions in their advertising. Recently, work ive been doing for Telstra on an idea called Cabbieoke (turning a cab ride into a karaoke experience) attempted to ‘culture mash’ for youth…it’s all about not being scared to explore two seemingly unconnected ideas.

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